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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Can U tell me what is soulmate actually? My friends said soulmate is real. Other friend not sure about that , and me neither.

I think it depends on how people describe about soulmate. My friend has an idea about soulmate, it is not just related with men and women relationship, but it more general. Such as our mother, our best friend, our sister, our father, or someone who close with us. one of them can be our soulmate may be. Because he/she always know and sensitive about our feeling. He/She always around when we sad, when we upset down. He/She like our home, when we cannot stand up for any body,we don’t know where we go, finally we will go back for him/her. Because he/she is the person who make us comfort in any situation. We feel secure of him/her.

Other friend said that soulmate is her other heart. When he meet someone he loves, he can says that she is his soulmate. But I don’t understand, when couple who love each other and then getting married, sometimes people also say that they already find their soulmate. But it can be happen that several years later they are going to divorce. And then, are they still called soulmate? Yes? Or not anymore? If So , then soulmate is temporary, isn’t it?...

I really want to know who is my soulmate actually….

and i partner in crime also my sister is might be my soulmate..and of course my hubby...

How about u dong? dang ding dong...

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