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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A crime, In the name of Love (part 1)

It is common women in their age around 30  or more they mostly start to be panic to find their partner in life. Some of them still rational but the rest seem end up with the situation where there are no other choices. Sometimes they just married to get their status to save them from social life. And that is often happened when in the process to find someone they stuck with bad man.  A man who is doing a crime in the name of love.   It`s happened in many ways and its not just about violence in the relationship.
Some of cases are about men who pretend to love you and end up with asking money. Mostly it happened through the virtual relationship, when we chat with stranger men in the internet or through a dating site.  Usually the stranger guy is a bit mysterious and he pretends that he is a rich and successful guy. Then when you start attracted to him, he says that he will come, or even will marry you soon. On the way to meeting you, he will say that he has a problem with the immigration because he brings  lots of money, and then he asks you to pay the fine.
I have story about my wedding organizer. She said that i got my place to wedding party because one of her clients canceled her wedding. Her client´s fiancé was from England and he said that he sent the cash money by shipping forwarding. But unfortunately the money was stuck in Malaysia and the fiancé asked her to pay the fine. But she didn’t want to pay that.
At that time I just thought that it was weird why did she not pay the fine. BUT NOW I know that actually her fiancé is the criminal, the bad guy who is cheating in the name of love. He did not real. He did not exist.

So be careful, I got many forward emails from friends, about the same cases. Im so sorry about this, and I want my single friends out there wherever you are, you will not experience as the case as follow: (forward email from friend, I would like to share with you):
"Another guy, told her he is on his way to indonesia to marry her but he stucks in malaysia for security reasons & he has a lawyer but he needs money to pay him....she sent him money again & again & again for several months till she lost all her money and in the end this guy never shows up & she must pay all her debts to people she lent money from..

‎​one guy from UK, told her he falls in love with her & would come & marry her, but he has to finish his project in Africa & collects his money but when he is in Africa, he faces a financial problems & she sent him lot of money to support his project & this guy never shows up after she lost all her money.....this guy turns out to be an African who pretends to be a British guy..... see how he tricks her?????

‎​the scammers signs are....they call u every now & then & saying sweet words, love words & promise to come to your country to marry u & later on they will tell u they send u a package of money, jewelleries & wedding dress & someone from malaysia will call u to pay the tax for the package & sometimes they will tell u they are in Malaysia airport & need money coz they stuck there for security issues.

‎​whatever the reason is, if he asks money or talking about financial problems, then that's the sign u have to be is the keyword that would show u how false the relationship is and that guy is only after money......"

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