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Monday, August 30, 2010

Being single is a matter of choice

(I wrote this a long time ago while i was still single, it was about a find someone right....and thanks God now I found it.)

I dedicated to my single happy, smart, gorgeous, and fantastic friends: Asteris, Nunun and Turxi.  I love u all.

Have u ever heard someone ask you questions like “why do u still single?,’’ ….’’when are you getting married?” …..”why do you broke up with him?’’ ….’’why are u being so picky?’’ …..and other ‘’familiar questions” for single women.

Well, I often heard about those. Different people ask me those questions. Mostly at the wedding party, family’s event or office. Once I were trying to give the nice answered….until I just gave them ‘’a smile’’ as the answered. It’s common in our daily life.

Being single or couple depends on how they enjoy their relationship. Being single is a matter of choice. I think I don’t have to push my self to have a date with a guy just for make people happy, because it isn’t good for a relationship. Furthermore, if I don’t have any “chemistry” with him, it’s so bad. I think if now I can enjoy my life, then my partner should have completed my life. But if he tends to judge my life with his terrible words….better I stay being single.

Let say, now u are a single, and then there is a guy who love you, but you not really into him, then would you marry him? Or you decide to stay single even tough you can have a marriage life right now? It’s a choice.
Or if now you are a very talented and attractive woman, you have desires to reach your dreams, but your partner is Mr. Dangerous who don’t allow you to do anything unless with him, will you marry him? Or you decide to finish that relationship? That’s also a matter of choice.

Yes I have to admit that being single is identical to being lonely, but look around you, there is a lot of thing to do. Why aren’t we focusing on our goals then who knows on the way trying to reach our dreams, we might find somebody that really is our match/ our partner in life. After all we have friends and family who always support us on whatever we do. So why do u afraid of being lonely? As long as we can say: Yes I am happy.

Actually there are many reasons why people stay being single. I my self have been waiting for ages to found someone right. Of course I expect I can meet the right one. 

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