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Friday, January 15, 2010

Possesive = Insecure?

Have you been in a situation or have u experienced where you are afraid to lose something?   I named that situation as “insecure condition.”
Usually insecure condition happens when people have something they like or they love too much.  For example, when we have someone we love, we mostly being possessive of our partner, because we are afraid to lose him/her.
So, can we assume that being possessive = insecure condition?

I analyzed of several couples. Some of them are possessive and others are not. Mostly the spouse is the one insecure, he or she always being possessive. He or she never allow their partner to make new friends unless together with him or her. Their life is just between him and his partner. Why? Because they afraid their partner having an affair out there. Why? Because they have problems or weakness where they can not handle and face it. 

Like a man in an inferiority complex, there’re so many reasons why a man have inferiority complex. In my opinion, sometimes when a man being inferiority, it because for example he doesn’t have a job, or maybe he has a problem in bed. Those are two things that a man should be having right? And of course there is still another reason about that. The impact of the situation, man tend overprotect his girl friend. Sometimes he never allows his partner to do some activities without reason, and finally it makes the relationship not going well.  One feel insecure, and other feel afraid to make her partner being angry (because he is very over protective). So I think that is not a healthy relationship.

When you feel secure and comfortable with your life, it will be different the way you treat your partner, compared to when you feel insecure.
So if we feel secure with our life, why we should be very possessive?

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