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Friday, January 8, 2010

Sigtuna, an old town which reminds me of HC Anderson’s story book.

At this picture is a unique cafe, very swedish :)

Sigtuna, an old town which reminds me of HC Anderson’s story book.

Still in the winter day, beautiful white snow and yes it is very cold (about minus 14 degree Celcius). I went to Sigtuna, a quiet village between Stockholm and Uppsala. You can go by car (with car about 35 minutes from Kallhall ) or pendeltag and bus from Marsta. Sigtuna is the oldest town of Sweden, and it was the capital of the region.

I was enjoying that trip and taking pictures of nice wooden houses which reminded me of the story book by HC Andersen. Those wooden houses looks like what I saw in my story book when I was child. It is so interesting for me, I felt that I was entering the house of the HC Andersen’s story.

Oh that was a beautiful view, I also like the atmosphere. I passed an old hotel , and there is a big lake in front of the hotel. But it had changed and frozen on a cold day like this, so people are skiting at that lake.

the lake fron of the hotel had changed and frozen..!! bbrrrr

When I saw a small café with a very traditional look, I wanted to entered it. Even though it was very quiet, not many people visiting Sigtuna, but when I entered the café I realized that there were many people inside, and it was full. I did not get any table to sit. Arrgghhh. I was freezing!! Lucky, finally when I moved to another café then got warmed with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. It was worth to visit this town even if it was freezing, coz there are lot of interesting historical sights, Nice wooden houses, café, museum, and shop with Swedish art. Silent but sweet.

Shop and galery in Sigtuna

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