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Saturday, December 26, 2009

so Are u Tissue or handkerchief?

Friend of mine one said there are 2 types of relationship : Those are Handkerchief and Tissue paper’s type. As we know that we use tissue paper just for one time and after that we throw it. We never use it anymore . But Handkerchief, after we use it, we tend to wash and make it clean , iron it, give a little bitfragrance, keep it at the right place, and then we can use it again, again and again because we always want to use and keep it. tissue is temporary,..meanwhile handkerchief is more lasting.

It related with a relationship between man and woman, it can be casual relationship (tissue type) or long term relationship (handkerchief) that it might be end up with marriage. Mostly Guy meet various women and he won’t be stop until he found the perfect one such as a woman in his dream. Even he maybe meet a woman close with what he wants, but at the other time if he meet other woman who more attractive, his adrenaline like to whisper that he should get that woman, sometime its not cause he really want her, but it more just such as challenging to prove wheter he still has a power to draw attention of woman or not. May be it one of reasons if man were tend to choose a ‘’casual / tissue relationship’’ (please correcting me as i know u must be have another opinion in ur mind) It means a relationship just for fun. Meanwhile a man who is already really feel comfort with his partner and tired to challenge his self, finally he is going to stop his “adventure’ and call his relationship like a handkerchief relationship.

By the way, this is another thing, one of my friends, he declare his relationship as a tissue paper. I wondering why he choose tissue, not handkerchief? And here is the answer….As his opinion, relationship like a tissue for him it more simple and not bothered him with things that will be make his life miserable, because it no needs maintenance, no heart feeling, and more fun. If he choose handkerchief, he should maintain, give more attention, more effort to keep it going on and on and on, and maybe sometime getting bored just with one partner.

Pffffuiiihh….. I just heard about that thing. Honestly I have a curiousity, which one does every single man in this world choose. kind of a Tissue relationship, or Handkerchief Relationship…Honestly, which one?


So…Are u Tissue guy or Handkerchief Guy?


  1. I'm not a guy, I'm a woman, but I've never been a tissue-relationship woman. This was what I always did. I would not even call it a "relationship" before I knew if I could hold and keep it like a handkerchief.

  2. oww thats an interesting opinion...i think its such as a smart think to do Squid!