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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kissings Frog

Today, one of my friends in my Facebook had status as :
” Sometimes I think if I kissed a frog, will he turn into my prince?"

Frankly, it reminds me of the article I wrote long time ago (maybe 5 years ago)

Then I think I should post it (again)…..

Kissings Frog

In our life, it is destin that we meet some people in our life, that influence our life. Some people give us a value in our life and other (maybe) just damage it. The journey to find the right one, we will meet guys with the different characters. But the way to reach the right one is not so easy. Sometimes going well but sometimes not. A little bit this, a little bit that (). I named that situation as ‘’kissings frog.”

Sometimes there is question mark : why me? Why did I broke up ? Why this happening with me (again??). But later we realize that God had saved us. Because if we still with him, our life will be miserable.

Do you remember about the story between a princess and a frog? The prince is being spell by a wizard to become a frog. Until he finds the love of his life then he will become a man again. The frog is waiting for someone who will kiss him. Because if he kissed by someone who truly love him, a miracle is going happen. Then when the time come while someone kiss him, he will change become a handsome prince!!!!

That is why the journey of us finding the right man is like a kissings frog.

Do not give up, keep trying until he change become your prince charming eh…hyuuuukkkk…..

PS: thx to Jennifer who inspired me

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